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Combined Ceiling- and Underfloor Heating Provides the World’s Best Heating

When it comes to the comfort of living, a house with extensive underfloor heating is the absolute top-class solution. Most of the heat is produced with the economical night-rate electricity. During the day, the heat stored in the concrete by night, is released to the indoor air. The amount and rate of the heat released depends mainly on the floor covering material. Combined with ceiling heating, the room temperature can be regulated very accurately. With the ceiling heating, the thermostats can keep the room temperature at the desired level with only a 0.5 degree variation.

The combined use of both underfloor- and ceiling heating is the perfect solution for all new houses. Even though this heating system provides top-class living comfort, it is inexpensive to purchase and use. This top-class electric heating solution will cost you only half of what a water flow -based system would. In considering the ease of use as well as providing comfort of living.

These two systems are light years apart in the ease of use as well as in providing comfort of living, for the benefit of the CEILING-UNDERFLOOR -electric heating.

INFRAHEAT Ceiling- and Underfloor Heating is not based on circulating water through the house structures. For this reason there is also no risk of water damage nor of mould damage caused by the former.

INFRAHEAT Ceiling- and Underfloor Heating represents tomorrow’s low temperature technique today. The surface temperature of the heating foil is only 30-40°C. This provides the basis for healthy and dust-free indoor air.

Ceiling and floor heating in combination is an exceptionally sensible mode of heating:

A house with extensive floor heating can be considered as a top-class solution with regard to living comfort. Most of the heat is generated with cheap night-rate electricity. The heat accumulated in the concrete is during the day released to the indoor air. The heat release is mainly dependent on the floor covering material. It is possible to achieve a perfectly constant room temperature by ceiling heating. Using ceiling heating the thermostats keep room temperature within 0.5 degrees of the desired level.

How the heating foils are constructed:

topThe INFRAHEAT heating foils consist of a metal folio, laminated between two double-layer plastic coatings. A special feature of the metal is that it melts at a temperature of app. 140ºC. The heating foils are thus fully fireproof. The standard width of the floor heating elements is 540 mm. Other widths are also available by special order.